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Dream Wedding has years of experience in the industry, specialising in all-wedding related services to make your Dream Wedding come true. All brides want a perfect wedding while all grooms want a perfect marriage. We have one of the largest collections of Wedding Gowns in Singapore, including long-train gowns.

A beautiful Dream Wedding starts from an elegant gown & a great suit, great photo taking venues, experienced photographer & videographer, beautiful pre wedding photos and the list goes on. These are the requirements of every bride. And as the lists grow, so does the stress and tension increases.

An enjoyable marriage preparation experience is what Dream Wedding offers to all our couples. Dream Wedding provides numerous quality services for the couples to consider and from there, the couples can choose the services they need.

No More Long Hours of Researching

Dream Wedding has it all covered for you. As an established Wedding Planning Company in which, we are the only Appointed Wedding Vendor for Sentosa Leisure Group, with Ms. Ivy, a Lecturer at ICWP (Institute of Certified Wedding Planners at its helm), feel at ease with someone you can trust and make your special day a gorgeous one.

Ms Ivy believes that every couple deserves their Dream Wedding to be run by a professional wedding planner while the couple just has to sit back and relax on their big day! She places emphasis on her wedding planning rates to be affordable, as she believes that every couple does not have to pay a huge sum for engaging a wedding planner.


A Story that Inspires Us to Be Where We Are Today

“It all begins with a girl who wish to become a princess on her Wedding day. She took 3 years to prepare for her Dream Wedding. On her wedding day, she realized one main problem. She is the bride; the star of the celebration and it was near impossible for her to enjoy the wedding event if she has to run her own wedding so as to keep all details perfect. She has a bunch of good friends whom volunteer to help her with anything she ask for, but what she needs is someone whom can understand her needs and run the whole wedding for her. Although the wedding still carries on as a very joyous and happy event, but it was not even near to perfect of what she had envisioned it to be. ”

This is a true story that happened to our Executive Wedding Planner, Ms. Ivy, which brings us to the real fact of a wedding. You either enjoy the wedding or gain experience after running a wedding.

After her own personal experience, she is determined to help all couples enjoy their Dream Wedding on their big day. She began her journey by gaining professional knowledge and with her passion; she subsequently became the top graduate from ICWP (Institute of Certified Wedding Planner).

Till date, she has helped

hundreds of couples with their weddings and making their Dream Wedding came alive. She is currently one of the lecturers at ICWP, teaching the next generations of wedding planners in becoming a passionate and knowledgeable professional wedding planner.

Dream Wedding strongly believes in providing every couple a wonderful and enjoyable experience for their once in a lifetime event. Dream Wedding also places emphasis on good service and expects nothing less than that for our couples. We hope to see you soon so as to assist you with your Dream Wedding!

With Love,
Dream Wedding Team


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