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Gown Rental

Fixed Prices and Transparent Rates

Wedding Gown Rental

At Dream Wedding, we offer one of the largest collection of wedding gowns for Singapore brides to rent for their wedding day. We understand that overspending and hidden costs are huge concerns for you. Hence, we have 3 wedding gown rental options to cater to every bride in Singapore.

Dream Wedding Budget

Dream Wedding Budget is a no frills bridal boutique that offers beautiful wedding gowns at fixed prices. Here, we aim to bring you quality wedding gowns at affordable rates with gowns. Currently we are having sales of Pre Loved Gowns & Suits at $150 Nett (Click Photos to See Packages)

Dream Wedding Boutique

Dream Wedding Boutique offers a large collection of wedding gowns at mid-ranged prices for brides to choose from. All gowns in this boutique are designed by our in-house wedding gown designer and rental rates ranges from $999 to $1500. MTM gowns options are available too! (Click Photos to See Packages)

Dream Wedding Signature

Dream Wedding Signature presents only the best quality and craftsmanship in tailoring and customisation of wedding gowns. They are designed by our award-winning bridal gown designer from Taiwan, Europe & China. Each gown customisation starts from $3000 onwards. (Contact us for your Bespoke Wedding Gown)